How do I get my account verified and featured?

Cymbal chooses the most active and creative verified accounts on the app to feature in our explore section and beyond. Right now we have five categories for featured users: Artists, Publications, Venues, Emerging (artists), Influencers, and College Radio. Accounts become verified on the app to battle false impersonation, and it is not currently possible to request a featured account on Cymbal. That said, accounts that are featured must satisfy certain standards of activity and engagement. A partial overview includes:

1) Post to Cymbal often, an average of once daily
2) Comment and engage with the community
3) Demonstrate significance or potential in music
4) Make available all social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc)
5) Link to, and share on, your other social media accounts 6) Make use of Cymbal's social sharing tools 7) Explore creative new avenues for using the app

For further questions regarding featured accounts, please contact us at

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